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Example Tours

Scooter Cafe, Maidenhead.   6 nodes.  Google+ Page

Who'd have thought there were 35 scooters in this deceptive shop!?

D. Martin Shoe Repairs, Maidenhead.   4 nodes.  Google+ Page

Even small shops are showcased well with Google Business Photos

Bovilles Art Shop, Maidenhead.   13 nodes.  Google+ Page

Small on the outside, large on the inside!  How would potential clients know?

The Bakehouse Guest House, Maidenhead.   29 nodes.  Google+ Page

7 bedrooms and a huge parking area.  Who'd have believed it!?

Home Barn, Little Marlow.   11 nodes.  Google+ Page

Cavernous space, mainly lit by incandescent bulbs.  You'd never guess what's inside...